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06/16/09 09:58 PM #110    

Bo Debruin

Originally, I got it the following Monday from Miss McGahee. She hadn't thrown it away yet and I wanted it as a momento from my senior year. It was the only day I was brave enough to cut. Spent the day at the lake as I recall.

I remember I had it out showing my nephew and he accidently spilled some Coke on it(hence the stains). I moved a few weeks ago and was going through some stuff to throw away and came across it. I figured everyone would get a kick out of seeing it.

I wish I had found it before the reunion instead of after.

06/16/09 10:03 PM #111    

Bo Debruin

Oh...there were a few more who went to school. I know one who had to go or not graduate. Missed too many days already.

06/24/09 12:19 PM #112    

Ly Eldridge

Senior Cut Day was one of my MANY "Cut Days". I spent mine at the park with....!

06/24/09 12:20 PM #113    

Ly Eldridge

Does anyone have any information on Jimmy Graves? Apparently he passed away this week. My prayer are with his family!

06/24/09 01:03 PM #114    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

I am working to get more info about Jimmy Graves. When I have it I will post it.

06/24/09 06:24 PM #115    

Huma Anjum Athar

I just checked out the list from senior cut day. Hahaha....that's great! We were a united force. But one question: why are some of the names underlined in red? All the names from my homeroom are underlined. Either we were the bad kids or they just figured what's the point and stopped.

06/25/09 04:24 PM #116    

Bo Debruin

Don't know. I guess they were students that Miss McGahee had in her classes. It was already marked up when she gave it to me. The only thing I changed was to write "ME" next to mine to make it easier to find.

06/25/09 10:47 PM #117    

Hal (Harold) Gilbert Johnston

thanks for the email alert

i will try and make it by on sunday for visitation

06/25/09 10:47 PM #118    

Hal (Harold) Gilbert Johnston

thats crazy about garret elementary

my mom was the liberain there

06/25/09 10:55 PM #119    

Hal (Harold) Gilbert Johnston

on senior cut day

i think they got my name combined with mike johnsons name

it says mike johnston

because i rember tellong my mom i need a note saying you know i wernt at school that day

08/24/09 04:06 PM #120    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

I came across this site and was drawn back to memories of my childhood in Augusta. I was at Northwood E.S. and then T. Harry Garrett from 1976-1982 and then 1 month at Tutt M.S. before moving to Virginia. My sister still lives in Augusta, so she keeps me informed when she can. I remember hearing of Lee's passing when I was in college and continue to think about it every now and then. Even though it's been close to 30 years since our days together at T. Harry Garrett, I remember her as a very sweet person. All my best to old Garrett friends. Wishing you well, Valerie (Newman) McCartan, Newark, Delaware.

10/08/09 05:26 PM #121    

Thomas Earl Guyden

I was just in Augusta to attend a conference this past weekend, and there was a street festival on and around Broad Street on Friday night. There was music, dancing, food, shopping....just alot of fun!

I also ran into Raymond Thompkins and his wife. They were walking around enjoying the festivities...and celebrating there wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Raymond and Jackie!

It was a good weekend!

12/10/09 11:19 PM #122    

Ann Marie Kuchinski


First happy holidays to everyone, and can you send out a prayer to all the classmates that serve this country, nad that if they have to go over again to be safe. I know I will have too.

05/17/10 11:43 AM #123    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

Does anyone remember a Kyle Yates going to high school with us?

11/26/10 03:08 PM #124    

Bo Debruin

I remember him but don't remember if he actually graduated with us.

12/14/10 10:43 PM #125    

James Bower

That cut list instantly took me from a bad mood to a great mood.  That is just SO funny, and wow, does it bring back some fun memories.  I hope you are all doing well, and that this Christmas Season is a great one for all of you and your families. 

01/11/11 09:30 PM #126    

Bo Debruin

Glad you liked it. Brought back a lot of memories for me as well when I found it.

06/14/11 10:30 PM #127    

Terry Elizabeth Cassell

 i do remember mrs. jay well, and yes, it was pretty cool when the guys set her table on fire.  twas the same table that she stuck a huge pile of dirt on, telling us that stuff would magically grow.  lol


06/17/11 03:15 PM #128    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

Too funny. I remember the dirt on the table - but not that something was supposed to grow out of it...

I have an old photo of her somewhere...

04/05/12 04:12 PM #129    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

Does anyone remember Philip Song from Westside either our grade or a year or two behind or ahead?

07/16/12 09:02 PM #130    

Ann Marie Kuchinski

You are cordially invited to the
Westside Alumni and Friends of Westside
informal get together
Date: Saturday July 28th 5pm
Location: Shangrila Gourmet Buffet
3847 Washington Road, Martinez (across from Kmart)
All are welcome to attend so please spread the word.

04/09/14 01:17 AM #131    

Hal (Harold) Gilbert Johnston

I plan on being at the get together on April 19.   It said RSVP on message board.  I assume this is what I am supsosed to do.   But then again I'm broken so I'm not sure if this is where to RSVP 

04/09/14 08:38 AM #132    

Randall Loo

I should be able to make it to Sidetracks on April 19th.  They usually have trivia on Saturday nights.  If there is any update it will be posted on this site.  Looking forward to seeing some old friends.

04/10/14 11:01 PM #133    

Stephanie W. Hinnant (Griffin)

Chris and I will be in town for Easter and hope to be at Sidetracks Saturday evening. We are looking forward to it.

04/16/14 10:52 AM #134    

Steve Strickland

I want to be there, but I have been known to forget things.

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